À Cris Ouverts,
From September 29 to December 2, 2018

Editorial by Bruno Caron, President of Art Norac

©Art Norac

« Ten years ago, we were launching the very first edition of Les Ateliers de Rennes. By choosing this meaningful name we wanted to sum up our project. The "Ateliers" (workshops) refers to the production studio as well as to the industrial world, the artist studio, or contemporary creation (...)

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À Cris Ouverts

©Jean-Marc Ballée

"À Cris Ouverts"– title of the 6th edition of Les Ateliers de Rennes - Contemporary Art Biennale—sounds to the ear "or says" other than it reads: 'with wide open screams / or crisis / or verse / or green’. It aims to reflect on different ways of being by opening up and enacting distinct paths, not only through dissonance but also through contestation (and sometimes) through the break of meaning that happens with the embracing of the unknown.

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Les Ateliers de Rennes and Art Norac

©Aurélien Mole

Les Ateliers de Rennes – Art for the City.

For 10 years, Les Ateliers de Rennes has been exploring the themes Art&Economy / Art&Business. During each edition, a new curator is invited to revisit this theme. The event’s functioning itself is one of a kind as two-third of its budget come from private funds. (…)

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